Matte Film for Screen Printing

This series of transfer film is a high gloss transfer vinyl. Patterns or logos on the clothing appear in a glossy finish after the heat transfer process, giving the printed patterns a more attractive appearance.

    1. SL-4Y Sublimation Heat Transfer Vinyl
    2. SL-4Y Sublimation Heat Transfer VinylAfter heat transfer using the SL-4Y sublimation heat transfer vinyl, the patterns or logos on clothing feature a matte finish, much like a frosted glass surface. This protects the patterns against pollution, and ensures they are easy to maintain. This heat adhesive transfer film features a high service frequency.
    1. SC-819 Sublimation Heat Press Transfer Film
    2. SC-819 Sublimation Heat Press Transfer FilmThe SC-819 sublimation heat press transfer film is suitable for screen printing, and the printing surface is a fog-like, matte finish effect. This makes it ideal for co-heat transfer of printing plants, hot stamping factories, clothing transfer brands, wash labels and more.
    1. S-08 Heat Transfer Vinyl Film
    2. S-08 Heat Transfer Vinyl FilmThe S-08 heat transfer vinyl film has the best color printing effect among all of our adhesive films, and is the most suitable for color printing and screen printing. Users can choose what they need based on their cost requirements. This heat press transfer film is a cold peel type. After pressing...
    1. S740 Matt Heat Transfer Film
    2. S740 Matt Heat Transfer FilmThe S740 matt heat transfer film is a newly developed model. We adjusted the coating formula and added two new materials, based on a previous product, and eventually developed the S740 adhesive film with a high performance. Its excellent quality is extremely popular among our clients.
    1. F01 Matt Heat Transfer Vinyl
    2. F01 Matt Heat Transfer VinylThis F01 matt heat transfer vinyl is a cold peel type, meaning after pressing, it needs to cool before it can be removed. By setting it aside immediately, users can move right on to the next workpiece for a highly efficient workflow process. The F01 heat transfer vinyl film is used for screen printing with silicone ink.
    1. S716 Double Side Transfer Film
    2. S716 Double Side Transfer FilmThe S716 double side transfer film belongs is two-to-one model of hot peel and cold peel, with a double side matte that is printable. However, it is only applicable for screen printing processes. For market requirements where customers want to use only a single adhesive film type to achieve both hot and cold peel...
    1. SL-6 Heat Press Transfer Film
    2. SL-6 Heat Press Transfer FilmThe SL-6 heat press transfer film is a cold peel type, and needs to be cooled down before being removed after the heat transfer process. Users need to take care not to remove it at high temperatures, so that the preservation of the printed product is guaranteed. Because of that, this adhesive film is ideal for factories that require a general transfer efficiency, and longer delivery periods.
    1. SL-4P Heat Press Transfer Film
    2. SL-4P Heat Press Transfer FilmThe SL-4P heat press transfer film features a half-high gloss effect after heat transfer. By adjusting the coating proportion, we achieve a production effect somewhere between a high gloss and a matte. This ultrathin adhesive film is extremely flexible and soft, and will print a slight matte finish that is ideal for printing on white and dark clothing.

Over a decade in manufacturing heat transfer film, now we can provide various transfer films for cotton, polyester fiber fabric, nonwoven fabric and more. There are two types of transfer films, one is hot peel transfer film that fits for high efficient production, and another is cold peel transfer film for easy operation. These clear matt transfer films are well applied for textile and label printing purpose. We can provide custom transfer films in the required sizes.

Xinhe is a transfer Vinyl film manufacturer that could provide customers transfer materials with excellent printing performance, and it is specialized in the garment accessories industry and heat transfer industry. A fine transfer material will ensure their qualities from release force, tensile strength, aging strength and other details.

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Coating Process
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