S601/S606 Metallic Heat Transfer Foil


The golden/ silver foil look metallic transfer film is only appropriate for screen printing. It is a cold peel type, and needs to be cooled before being torn off after the heat transfer process. It can also be set aside after the heat transfer process, to ensure a smoother work flow and more work space.

This model of transfer film appears a golden or silver metallic color after heat transfer, but cannot be printed with other colors. It is most often used in decorative labels, main labels, and promotional materials.

S601/S606 Metallic Heat Transfer Foil
  • Printing types: screen printing
  • Printing inks: oil based ink, water based ink, thermosetting ink
  • Coating techniques: powder scattering, liquid adhesive coating
  • Printing equipment: automatic or semi-automatic printing press that suitable for screen printing
  • Applicable heat transfer materials: cottons, chemical fiber, cotton blend fabrics, EVA, non-woven fabrics, leather, and other heat resistant fabrics.
  • Thickness: 50um, 75um, 100um;
  • Size information: 39×54cm, 64×48cm, 50×70cm or at the complete disposal of our clients’ needs;
  • Heat transfer temperature: 150 degree or depending on the melting point of adhesive or hot melt powder used by customers;
  • Heat transfer time: 12 seconds;
  • Note: Customers could choose the thickness of films in accordance with the different uses of materials or textile, and you can also choose thickness on the basis of melting characteristics of inks and adhesive.
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Xinhe is a transfer Vinyl film manufacturer that could provide customers transfer materials with excellent printing performance, and it is specialized in the garment accessories industry and heat transfer industry. A fine transfer material will ensure their qualities from release force, tensile strength, aging strength and other details.

Coating Process
Coating Process
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