Heat Transfer Film By Ink

As the composition and properties of the ink are different, the water-based and oil-based ink are the commonly used inks, all of our transfer films are applicable to these two inks. Because the modulation of coating will be in accordance with the properties of the two inks and the chemical composition of our transfer films make it possible to use them in both of these two commonly used ink types.

The characteristics of thermosetting ink are quite different from those of oil-based and water-based ink. After completing the printing, the component of thermosetting ink may lead to the decrease of release force. As a consequence, Xinhe will appropriately increase the release force and formulate the appropriate coating formula for the use of thermosetting ink.

    1. Transfer Film for Solvent Based InkAs the oil-based ink is a kind of inks with water-insoluble solvent as the main component of the precipitation color base, it is not only easy to print, but also can ensure the durability of the transferred product when served with Xinhe’s transfer materials.
    1. Transfer Film for Water Based InkSince water-based ink use water and a small amount of alcohols such as water, ethanol, butanol, isopropanol or other alcohols as the solvent, these solvents can assist the water in enhancing the ability of dissolving the resin, adjust the viscosity of ink, impart printing applicability, and also can adjust the speed of drying, which can ensure the transferred products with perfect transfer effects.
    1. Transfer Film for Plastisol InkIn consideration of the characteristics of the thermosetting ink, customers who use thermosetting inks always use powder scattering that require the transfer films with greater tensile strength to avoid word drop. Xinhe’s S-716 transfer film is a new film that improved by our company through adjusting the coating and adding new materials to our old products.
    1. Transfer Film for Silicone InkOwing to the certain thickness of silicone ink, it needs to be printed for many times at high temperature. Hence, the thickness of transfer films is seriously required, Xinhe has produced the transfer films with the thickness of 75um,100um for silicone ink, which can completely satisfy the requirements of multi-printing.

Xinhe is a transfer Vinyl film manufacturer that could provide customers transfer materials with excellent printing performance, and it is specialized in the garment accessories industry and heat transfer industry. A fine transfer material will ensure their qualities from release force, tensile strength, aging strength and other details.

Coating Process
Coating Process
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