T-Shirt Heat Transfer Vinyl Film

With the rapid development of modern society, people pay increasingly much attention on fashion, and most of them are adults who are pursuing fashion. They prefer to design personalized patterns and logos on their T-shirt, as a result, vinyl heat transfer materials appear to the T-shirt manufacturer’s eyes. The vinyl heat transfer materials have excellent texture, and can be cut in many kind of vinyl cutting machines, and after that, the 3D printing effects could be achieved just by using a clothes iron or a heat press. Xinhe can provide various type of heat transfer vinyl films, including the transfer effects with matte finish or gloss finish. In brief, using high quality vinyl heat transfer materials could print attractive and vivid designs on T-shirt, whoever you are garment accessories manufacturers or heat transfer producers.


Xinhe is a transfer Vinyl film manufacturer that could provide customers transfer materials with excellent printing performance, and it is specialized in the garment accessories industry and heat transfer industry. A fine transfer material will ensure their qualities from release force, tensile strength, aging strength and other details.

Coating Process
Coating Process
Slitting and Cutting
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