Transfer Film for Digital Printing

Xinhe’s materials is a kind of special polyester films, which can be used in digital printing. Digital printing is an emerging printing method for the transfer printing industry, and it has a higher productivity and lower production cost other than screening printing. Therefore, digital printing is very suitable for orders with small quantities or diverse designs.

For the digital printing, firstly, the image is printed digitally on the film, and the second step is printing with the screen printing of the thermo adhesive.

Xinhe’s polyester film has following advantages other than paper as the transfer substrate:

  • Non-hygroscopic.
  • Excellent dimensional stability and residual shrinkage.
  • Exactly control of printing and color in every printing step.
  • The image is easy to locate on the fabric because of the fine transparency of the polyester film.
  • No matt finish.
  • The transferred patterns present a kind of velvet touch.

Xinhe is a transfer Vinyl film manufacturer that could provide customers transfer materials with excellent printing performance, and it is specialized in the garment accessories industry and heat transfer industry. A fine transfer material will ensure their qualities from release force, tensile strength, aging strength and other details.

Coating Process
Coating Process
Slitting and Cutting
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