Transfer Film for Water Based Ink

Since water-based ink use water and a small amount of alcohols such as water, ethanol, butanol, isopropanol or other alcohols as the solvent, these solvents can assist the water in enhancing the ability of dissolving the resin, adjust the viscosity of ink, impart printing applicability, and also can adjust the speed of drying, which can ensure the transferred products with perfect transfer effects. As the water-based ink is more environmental friendly, water-based inks is still failed to achieve the effect of oil-based inks in terms of washing. Therefore, some customers will also consider to use the ink that combine water-based inks with oil-based inks to reduce the water-based problems. Except for transfer films used for silicone inks, other films in Xinhe are suitable for the use of water-based inks.


Xinhe is a transfer Vinyl film manufacturer that could provide customers transfer materials with excellent printing performance, and it is specialized in the garment accessories industry and heat transfer industry. A fine transfer material will ensure their qualities from release force, tensile strength, aging strength and other details.

Coating Process
Coating Process
Slitting and Cutting
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